Darlan Flame (darlan) wrote,
Darlan Flame

BorisVS007, My Hero

BorisVS007: I'm afraid of a new Crono game
DarlanFlame: Fear it won't live up to past glorys?
BorisVS007: Because I'm afraid developers are going to cave to the whiny bitchers and make some happy go lucky time travelling romp with all the original characters only for some reason the sun has stopped smiling 24/7 so now they have to find some way to make it happy again
BorisVS007: And you can get Magus as an optional character, which everyone will do, and every character that ever died in a video game will magically be brought back to life here because this is happy go lucky game world, made entirely by the whiny bitches that can't appreciate that sometimes loss is required to have any sort of story, and sometimes the losses aren't just Guardian Knight #4 and Future Hobo "Jack"
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