Darlan Flame (darlan) wrote,
Darlan Flame

MGS2 Kicked Ass, And You Hated It Because Your An Impressionable Queer

I don't think there is any possible way to summerize my thoughts on the subject any better. MGS2 kicked insane amounts of ass. Yet all I hear is "MGS was better". This always fucking happens. One opinion will hold sway, and every mother fucker will go "oh yeah, I thought that too". The opinion in this case is that MGS rocked much more than MGS2, which is a total fucking lie. So what I'm getting at here is basically, your opinion on the subject is moot, because your a fucker with the cum of whoevers opinion on that subject you read and said "me too" to.

Let me state the ways in which MGS2 kicked ass.

1. The coolest fucking opening cinematic since mother fucking FF8. Snake walking along the bridge, then mother fucking jumping off, switching to cloak, que the vocals. That opening still rocks my socks every time I see it.

2. I got the storyline, and you didn't because your a fucking moron who couldn't find his ass with both hands.

3. You got to use the mother fucking sword. So suck it.

4. The FPS view switched flawlessly and worked supurbly. So you can go to hell.

5. Raiden's only bad because you bitched about him so much to your friends. Maybe if you had kept your mouth shut instead of going "oh yeah, he bitches too much" you would have realized that Raiden is excacly in character. What the fuck do you think a green soldier would be like, a totally grizzled fucking veteran? Your such a queer that If my ass was ever in the same room as you, it woudl get ripped to shreds the moment I let my guard down.

6. The ninja wasn't Gray Fox, but they gave you a fucking cyborg ninja, so shut the fuck up.

7. Holding up soldiers, the way they react, the tricks they pull, the noise you can make, the things you can do. Fuck you up the ass if you think the AI from MGS was better than the AI in MGS2

8. The Villians were all badass. Period.

9. *FINAL BATTLE SPOILER* Final battle is a rooftop katana duel with solidus. If that's not badass, then I've never drank a drop of alcohol in my entire life.

10. Ripping up shitloads of RAYs.

Let's compare to MGS.

1. You got to play as Snake the whole time.

2. Gray Fox is quite possibly the 3rd coolest person in the history of the universe.

3. End jeep escape sequense.

So as you see, MGS is cool, but MGS2 Rips it the fuck up.

Yeah, MGS2 kicked fucking ass, so you can shut the fuck up with your shitty opinions that you only have because you said "me too" to your buddy or whatever. If I ever see you, I'm plunging my hand in your gut, and using your small intestine to strangle you to death. Fucker.
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