Darlan Flame (darlan) wrote,
Darlan Flame

Still Pissed Off, And Fat People Suck

Yeah, Fuck You. Do I even need to start with a your a damned cock sucker fuck you this time? I've said it the last ninety fucking posts. So fuck off, and go eat your boyfriends shit or something. Assholes.

Guess who sucks now, it's fat people. Not all fat people, but the bitchy, fuckhead assholes who are bitter that they're fat and won't do anything about it. Hey asshole, don't spam my forum, go lose some weight! If your fat, and don't like it, then work out. You fucking suck fatass. By they way, don't wear skimply clothes if your a fat bitch. It's not attractive,and it's not helping your case. Your fat, you lose, buy a shirt you dumb bitch. Better yet, don't even leave your house until you slim up. Dumb bitches. And what about this fucking subway fucker. You used to be fat and lost weight? Good for losing the weight, but dont' fucking tell anybody. Guess what, nobody cares. Your normal now, so don't parade around the fact that you used to be fat. How about, fuck you, hmm? Jesus I hope fire ants eat that guys dick right off his mother fucking crotch. That'll teach him for starting a chain of commercials that eat up my mother fucking Simpsons time. Fuck you subway guy. Fuck you.

If your fat and still reading this, instead of working out, then go to fucking hell. I hope you die and go to the fucking fatass part of hell. There you can have your fat sweated out of you, because even hell doesn't like fat people. So fuck you. However, if your fat and you don't give a shit and you don't bitch about it, then kick ass. Come over my place and we'll have a mother fucking six pack. Non-bitchy fat people kick some of the most ass out there, what with their mother fucking kickassness. They have to use their mother fucking wit and charm, not their good fucking looks. Non-bitchy fat people kick ass, period.

So what about all these fat people, what do we do with them? Here's what we do. We pass a law that whenever your fat, and you bitch about it and don't do anything, your shot once in the face. Don't worry, they won't die the first few times. They blubber will stop the bullet. Of course, you get shot one extra time each time you bitch. First time your shot once. Second time we shoot you two times. So on. Eventually you won't be able to stop the barrage of mother fucking bullets in your face, and we kill you. Then we can use your fat for something constructive, like powering heavy machinery to burn down forests. What do forests think they are anyway? What with their "i'm a fucking forest and I'll get your ass lost" attitude. Forest's arn't beuitiful, they're shit. I say burn them down, and do it on the fourth of july. Screw fire works, every fucking forest in america burning is more then enough of a show. Be sure to not breath in the fat fuck fumes from the machines though.

The cool fat people would get to shoot the bitchy ones. Also, for every bitchy fat guy killed, we give the cool one who did the deed a keg. That's some mother fucking payment if you ask me, which you didn't, which is you you can to mother fucking hell, fucking cunt.

If your still reading this, I hate you, asslicking butt pirate.
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