Darlan Flame (darlan) wrote,
Darlan Flame

I Fucking Hate Kids

I'm still pissed off for no reason, so now I'm bitching about kids. I'm just going to get a Fuck you in the ass with a big rubber dick you homoqueer faggots to all my readers out there in LiveNobodyGivesAShitYouTookANapJournal Land so that it's out of the way right now. By the way, fuck off.

I hate kids. They're snot nossed, bitchy, ignorant, fuckers who spill my beer and eat my animal crackers. Those fuckers. And you can't even swear at kids, because they're so fucking young and you can't fucking corrupt them. Who gives a fuck? They're just going to grow up to be shithead football playing jocks or slutty teenage girls anyways. They should just be fucking killed, those useless fuckers. Hell, I do more work then a Kid does, and I'm fucking lazier than a hat full of 3000 pound gay guys with cum on their chin and a fucking forty five ingridiant pizza on their fatass shirt. Which also brings up the issue that I hate fat people, but that's probably the next rant. Fucking useless kids. You can't even put them to child labor, since they'd just fuck that up too. No you six year old cunt, don't do the shoe that way. I just fucking blew your sister away, how many of you little shits do I have to kill before you get the Michal Jordan shoe right? Assholes.

I'm also fucking sick and tired of how I have to watch myself around kids. I can't put offensive stuff on this website, because little jonny six year old might see it. Well fuck you Jonny. I hope you read (yeah right, kids suck and can't read) my Live journal and piss your pants and are tramatized. I hope you don't get a wife cause this journal fucked you up as a kid. Dumbass. Whoever reads what I say and actually cares or is affected by it is a dumb shit who should be shot. Nobody cares what I say, because it's all bullshit. People should give less than a shit about what I have to say. If you do give a shit, I hope someone fucking puts a bullet in your head. Yeah, and your fuck faced kid too.

I can think of one thing that Kids are good for, and that's eating. They're so young and tender. Children in a 400 degree oven at 5 minutes a pound taste better than rack of mother fucking lamb. Do I even need to say baby back ribs? I'm sure you thought of that as soon as I started in with this. Just remember, if your ever in an airplane wreck on top of a huge fucking mountian, eat the children and the old people first. They Taste best (old people are good, aged meat) and they can't fight back! It's a god damned win mother fucking win situation!

Yeah, and Fuck your mom too.
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