Darlan Flame (darlan) wrote,
Darlan Flame

I'm Pissed Off, So Fuck You

I'm in a real fucking pissed off mood right now. So fuck you. Why am I pissed off? Who fucking cares. I don't even fucking know. But for purposes of orginization, I'm venting my rage on the late MMORPG Ragnarok Online. Don't like my misguided hatred? Well fuck you. Yeah, I'm talking to you Fei and Roan. Go suck a cock.

In any case, let's get down to the fucking rant. Ragnarok Online was an unessisarily addicting crappy ass game. Yeah, you heard me. This game sucked. There were almost no features and the severs crashed every fucking ten minutes. Unfortunatly they must have been slipping crack in the bitmaps, because you get addicted to that like christians get addictied to fucking over everything that has a remotly diffrent opinion then theirs.

So I fucking played, and I fucking loved it. I wasted hours of my life leveling up when there was no fucking purpose, and I loved it. I got kicked off of the server and was pissed that I couldn't play my shitty game. Don't like it, well your a homofag anyway, so fuck you. Then the almighty Gravity, the company responcible for the pile of shit that is RO, fucks me in the ass with their bullshit. What the fuck do you mean you can't support the International server? Do you realize that I have a good week and a half of play time in this game? Your fucking assholes. Now I have all this fucking free time with my life. What the fuck am I going to do with free time? Hang out with friends? All they do is piss me off and drink my beer. No, now I'm without a shitty game to waste my life on, and it's gravity's fault. Fuck you Gravity.

So here's what I'm gonna do. I'm going to go to where ever the fuck Gravity works. And I'm going to personally shove my foot up their ass so far that I knock their fucking teeth out. Then I'm going to shove the fucking Korean servers down their throat, rip their head off, and shit down their neck. After that, i'm fucking using a chainsaw to cut their shitty ass bodys to shreads, then I'm pissing on the shreads. Then i'm taking the piss shreads, and I'm jumping on them. And I'm going to keep jumping on them until I get blisters. Then I'm nuking Korea, just out of spite. That'll teach them for taking away a shitty game from my life and forcing free time in my lap. Who did those fucking assholes think they were anyway?

And oh yeah, if you want me to finish Hac Tao Survivor Four (Which will kick total ass, since I'm hosting and I kick total ass) then fuck you. I'm not doing shit till I fucking feel like it. And that's anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks from now. Fuck you all, especially Kas.

P.S. Fuck you gravity.
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