Darlan Flame (darlan) wrote,
Darlan Flame

Oh for fuck sake

It's a normal enough morning. I havn't slept yet, my mom and her boyfriend are getting ready for work. When all of a sudden, I hear the distress signal.

Mom: What the fuck!?

I jump at the signal and run out. Then in a flash, I was there. And before my mother even said another word, I knew my task before me.

The bathroom floor was an inch deep in water.

My mom and her boyfriend are going to work.

Work + staying up late = Soaping up an inch worth of toilet water.

So it only takes me an hour, and I'm only not getting paid for it. But at least I had a horrible time.

Defining moment: A toss up between stompint on a bunch of towels in the shower to ring out the water like I'm a french wine maker and going down to the garage to investigate a so called "raining" to have my mom's boyfriend point out a trouble spot. I of course poked it with the plunger handle, and was treated to about 18 billion gallons of water being poured on me.

Joy! Rapture! I'm staying up late tommorow for this as well!

In conclusion, I've gone insane(er).
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