Darlan Flame (darlan) wrote,
Darlan Flame

The Son's Folly

Once upon a time there was a man. This man lived a normal life, full of ups and downs, with his fair share of mistakes. One day, he met woman, and he was glad. Man and woman met many times, and fell in love. So like most love storys, they got married and had a kid, a son. For five years after the son was born times were happy. They man worked, and the woman raised the son. All three were happy.

However, there came a time when man met another woman, called step. Man was filled with lust at step, flirting with her at work and at other places, and ended up cheating on woman with her. Woman, however, found out, and woman and man were divorced. Son, however, was left without a father, left to be raised by woman alone.

And so, as time went on, woman worked her way up through society and made her way to a well paying job which could more than afford to pay for her and son. Son, meanwhile, grew and grew. However, more stunning than son's physical changes was the amount his mind grew. Son was brilliant, thirsting for knowlege, and sucking up all that was given to him. He became wise beyond his years, surpassing expectations on all fronts.

However, one day, the children at school became obsessed with things like trends, sex, and popularity. Son would not conform to their ways, obsessed as he was with this thirst for all things to be learned. And so, the children at school became cruel to him. They mocked him daily, and physically hurt him. Regardless however, son ignored them as best he could and soaked up all knowlege given to him.

All good things come to an end however, and the abuse eventually broke son down. He became bitter and hateful. He started not caring about anything anymore, and his thirst for knowlege was forever quenched in a sea of hate. His grades began to drop, and in no time at all, they reached rock bottom. He was sad, and nothing seemed to be able to help him find his old thirst.

One day however, son met a strange boy his age. This boy was diffrent from the others, not because he didn't care about the things all the other people his age did, but because he was not cruel to son. Son and the boy became fast friends, and the pair had great times together. The boy taught the son how to blend in with the others, shrouding his thrist for knowlege with baggy pants and cool tee shirts. The son lost much bitterness, and turned his eye once more the knowlege.

However, one thing stood in his way. He had forgotten what his thrist for knowlege was like. And so, try as he might, son could not reach that point where he learned all he could and gained ever in knowelege. Until one day.

This particular day, man came to son. Son, being now 17, had not seen man since he was 5, the time he cheated on his beloved mother, woman. Man had cleaned up his old dirty habits such as drinking and build a new life with step. Son was bitter for mans cheating, and bitter towards step, whom he thought lacked any intellegence what so ever. However, man promised son that he could help him find the thirst again, and he only need live with him.

So son, feeling that man could help him and, in the long run, benifit his life, left woman and for a time, lived with man and step. During this time, son indeed had found the thirst again. However, living with man and step proved to hold many pitfalls. Step would often make rash judgements, making little sense and proving to upset many. Man seemed always to be at work, and never caring the least bit for the son he had left those many years ago. Son had found the thirst, yet slowly became bitter and hateful towards an entirly new group, his own father, man.

So it came, that when son left to live at womans in the summer, the seeds of hate and bitterness towards man grew and grew until such a time when son hated man with a passion. Son felt that man wanted him over his house mearly because he was hooked up on power, wanting to direct son like a master directs a dog. Son felt that step was a terrible person, one incapable of ruling a household. He made plans with woman to bring him back to womans benevolent house, for woman was a wise and caring ruler.

So it came one day where son and woman met with man and step. There many fell words were spoken. Son insulted his father for leaving him and his mother alone. He told man that he was a power hungry tyrant, loving the ruling of son, and using "grades" as an excuse to keep him. Woman backed son, saying that man held no great love for his child, and that he cared little for son. Woman also argued with step, saying harsh words about son's hated of her. The argument carried on for too long however, and words were spoken that struck far too deep, and would not be easily forgotten.

And so, when the conforntation finally died down, woman and son left and returned home to womans house. Woman retired to her bedroom to rest, while son was left to think.

It was then, that son realized that his words had been too fell, striking too deep in the heart. He had accused his father of wanting him over for corrupt reasons, which was the worst insult of all.

For it was then that son realized his folly. His father did what he did not out of spite of to destroy son's feelings like those children so far ago, but out of love and love alone. He mearly wanted son to fully grow and grasp the knowlege once again so he would prosper. Man had done what he had done, for he loved his son.

It was then, when son realized his great folly, that he put his face in his hands, and wept. For the words spoken had struck far, far too deep. The potential love that could have been held between father and son had been severed, for son had been too sure, too arrogant to have considered what a fathers job was.

And in his folly, one of the greatest loves that man could have, was lost forever.

The folly of a brilliant son who was wise beyond his years.

And yet, in the end, he was the biggest fool of all.

~Darlan Flame
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