Darlan Flame (darlan) wrote,
Darlan Flame

Roan, I love You

Roan Raveron: wassa Flama?
DarlanFlame: WC3
Roan Raveron: pusy
Roan Raveron: hehe
DarlanFlame: I know why you are here
DarlanFlame: here to seek vengence
Roan Raveron: cuz my parents fucked
Roan Raveron: lol
Roan Raveron: yea i know it be u
DarlanFlame: If thou seekest vengence, you will be strucken down with more force then thou can possibly imagine
Roan Raveron: ............fucking loser pussy ball
DarlanFlame: no need to make fun of yourself at such a level
Roan Raveron: damn u rug mucnher
DarlanFlame: I'm sure if you pay enough smart people, you will one day be smart enough to be an admin and boss me around
Roan Raveron: huh?
Roan Raveron: u lost me
DarlanFlame: and thus, you keep right along with your personality
Roan Raveron: eat me pussy fart
Roan Raveron: 8-)
DarlanFlame: Oh no! Not random obsenitys thrown into one! Please stop with these insults! My intelect is obviously nowhere near yours
Roan Raveron: acctualy i'll have my revenge
Roan Raveron: you liat
Roan Raveron: you liar
Roan Raveron: i'll have vengeance
Roan Raveron: I am Vengeance, I am THE NIGHT, I AM.......uh.........ROAN RAVERON!
DarlanFlame: it took you four attempts to say you are going to get me, I doubt that you will be able to figure out how to turn on your computer when the time comes
Roan Raveron: :-[
DarlanFlame: And now you learn why I'm the boss, and your not
Roan Raveron: but i have the bigger dick in the end, whitey
DarlanFlame: Know who john holmes is?
Roan Raveron: no but i bet its ure wily
DarlanFlame: I suggest you do a search on google
Roan Raveron: er.....ok
Roan Raveron: if goatse pops up,,,,,,thats ure ass
Roan Raveron: just tell me y u did it, and i'll leave ya alone
DarlanFlame: John holmes is a white guy with a huge dick
Roan Raveron: found him
Roan Raveron: i havent read tha
DarlanFlame: You are foolish
DarlanFlame: Wern't you that white guy in that pic with GK?
Roan Raveron: no
Roan Raveron: i'm far from white
DarlanFlame: I have a feeling you are also far from black
Roan Raveron: and ud be right
Roan Raveron: but i do have an abv average dick
DarlanFlame: Let me tell you something big guy. Erect is as big as it comes, and it's not mesured in absolute value. Therefore, your twenty some inch deep vagina is not "above average"
Roan Raveron: henh?
Roan Raveron: comes- u mean cums
Roan Raveron: ?
DarlanFlame: and now we get back to square one. IE: You need to hire some smart people and hope that the theory of intellectual osmosis is true
Roan Raveron: heeh
Roan Raveron: u know ure not as angry as u want ppl to believe
DarlanFlame: Oh?
Roan Raveron: yes
DarlanFlame: u sem 2 be vry good at noing stuf. i trst ur judgmnt
Roan Raveron: yep
DarlanFlame: let me sum up the conversation for you so far
Roan Raveron: u're cool and i'm a dumb shit
DarlanFlame: well damn
DarlanFlame: you got it right
DarlanFlame: first time so far
Roan Raveron: :-P
Roan Raveron: twie really
Roan Raveron: u arent as angry as u want people to think you are
DarlanFlame: How do you come about with that thought?
Roan Raveron: cuz u act like it
Roan Raveron: u get pissed to easily
Roan Raveron: a sign of covering up
DarlanFlame: So because I am what I say I am, I'm obviously not?
Roan Raveron: i dinna say that
DarlanFlame: well damn, you got me there
Roan Raveron: u are angry
Roan Raveron: just not as bad as u thing
Roan Raveron: think
DarlanFlame: Final Fantasy obviously is pacman in disguise!
Roan Raveron: ok
Roan Raveron: my point proved
DarlanFlame: and Metal Gear Solid 2 simply must be Warcraft 4
DarlanFlame: God knows that since they are what they say they are, they obviously arn't
DarlanFlame: Oh wait
DarlanFlame: that's really the dumbest thing I have heard all day
DarlanFlame: Well shit, looks like you lose again
Roan Raveron: thank ya
DarlanFlame: Always a pleasure to reveal yourself for the dumb shit that you are
Roan Raveron: eat my shit
DarlanFlame: Hey, you spelled all those words right. I'm impressed.
Roan Raveron: u have a low ego too
DarlanFlame: Do I now?
Roan Raveron: yep
Roan Raveron: that or your a loser who bitches abt everything
DarlanFlame: Shit, you found me out. I sit at home all day and sit around on my computer, eating danishes and masturbating when the old douche lady comes on TV. Everytime I ripped into you this convorsation, I had to stop to masturbate in self satisfaction.
DarlanFlame: Or maybe your just bitter because quite frankly, I'm winning the convorsation
Roan Raveron: yep.......ure aloser with a low self easteem
Roan Raveron: its official
DarlanFlame: Are you slow, or just a retard?
Roan Raveron: neither
DarlanFlame: I'm afraid I'll have to disagree; because quite frankly all your arguments have been poorly thoughtout and horribly executed
DarlanFlame: I give your performance today a two
DarlanFlame: and thats just because GK kicks ass
Roan Raveron: whatever

And thus the legendary Darlan won the convorsation with Roan. Ph33r the Darlan.

For his performance in the whole thing, Roan was awarded with a fondue set and a small toaster. Ph33r the Darlan, but love him as well.
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