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Why There is a Lack of Updates [29 Aug 2002|08:24pm]
Because I'm a lazy fucker, so there.
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Pure Kickass [15 Aug 2002|04:23pm]
Kaiser made a flash movie about me. It's pure kickass. Watch and love!

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If Your Not Offended, Your a Souless Abomination Such As Me [15 Aug 2002|02:17am]
Episode three of the forum's new comic. Ho boy does it rock.
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Toybox music kicks ass [14 Aug 2002|07:24pm]
So download it. Search for Toybox. Some songs to get are Tarzan, Best Friend, and super duper man.
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BorisVS007, My Hero [13 Aug 2002|12:52am]
BorisVS007: I'm afraid of a new Crono game
DarlanFlame: Fear it won't live up to past glorys?
BorisVS007: Because I'm afraid developers are going to cave to the whiny bitchers and make some happy go lucky time travelling romp with all the original characters only for some reason the sun has stopped smiling 24/7 so now they have to find some way to make it happy again
BorisVS007: And you can get Magus as an optional character, which everyone will do, and every character that ever died in a video game will magically be brought back to life here because this is happy go lucky game world, made entirely by the whiny bitches that can't appreciate that sometimes loss is required to have any sort of story, and sometimes the losses aren't just Guardian Knight #4 and Future Hobo "Jack"
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Modern Arcades, The Dance Clubs of the Future [12 Aug 2002|05:41pm]
Just the other day I went down to Gameworks, a giant arcade down here in Vegas, and spent three hours catching up on the arcade games of today. And all I can say, is huh?

I remember back in the day, when side scrollers and fighting games ruled the arcade. The occasional shooter game was also a hit. Violence prevailed everywhere, with games like Mortal combat having masters who hung out there like a crackhead around the latest coke shipment. I personally wasn't a grand master, but I was one of the more grizzled arcade vets. I could own you with Sub-Zero and beat Area 51 on a single quarter. But the main fact was, there was mother fucking violence.

When the fuck did all this change?

When I pulled into the fucking arcade, I noticed something wrong right off the bat. I couldn't find a single damn fighting, shooting, or sidescrolling game. As far as the eye can see there was mearly racing games and other sissy crap. From my vantage point at the enterance of the arcade, I couldn't see a single fucker getting blown away. It was terrible. After that I hid in a closet and cried for ten minutes before finally getting my three hour pass and going on a search for violence.

As is turns out, all the violent games were hidden in the back behind a secret wall, a series of potentially leathal traps, and a huge burly man with an ax. After adventuring to the place of my heritige I was delt more damage than good. The selection was good, yes. But the amount of people around the games was simply terrible. It was probably me and three other people back there, and I was the only person who rocked. As It turned out, everyone else was hanging out at the DDR machine. Now I have never played DDR, and I probably never will. My thing is blowing stuff away, not dancing to a beat. Unfortunatly, I'm the only person left who is like this. The DDR machine had a crowd that could rival many Rock concerts, and everyone was watching the latest guy who had memorized all the songs and could do it backwards on his hands with his eyes closed. People LOVE this game. They fucking dance dance their mother fucking asses off. Hey assholes, why not go to a mother fucking dance club? I mean since when did arcades turn into a fucking riverdance show? Pathetic.

I beat time crisis and pulled in only a few seconds behind the top guy, but nobody cared, although I was slaughtering at an insane rate. I was almost finished when my soul was pumped up with masculenity by the combined digital spirits of Contra 3, Solid Snake, and Dante. In my hands they placed a magical auto-shotgun of sissy killing (powered by bullets of Fuck You Asshole) and told me to "go forth and destroy the wretched creatues who had abandoned the path of light" From there I set a straight path to the DDR machine, and blew away the asshole playing it right when he was in the middle of a backflip or something. From there I turned the arcade from "sissy dancing land" to "Badass Blood Bath 20 02". When I finally stopped firing there were legs and heads and arms everywhere. I baby landed on my head, so I ate it, just to serve as an example to others. From there I took all the broken pieces of the DDR machine and all the body parts that weren't liquified from all the shooting and erected them into a kick ass giant statue of Sub Zero doing that head, spinal cord rip out from the original mortal combat. Oh man, it was so sweet looking that I puked my pants. Yeah, it really kicked alot of ass.

So yeah, Arcades have really stopped being the becons of death and destruction we once knew them as and are now race tracks and Dance Clubs. Hell, there were girls all over in their "go to clubs looking like a slut so a guy can screw me" ourfits and all sorts of "thugs" picking up on the sluts. It was sickening. The good ole arcade days are gone, and next time I'm just staying home and playing Half Life instead.

Oh, and If there is ever a red haired drunk coming towards you on a DDR machine waving a shotgun and screaming "For Pac-Man!" I do suggest you run away, very, very fast.
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MGS2 Kicked Ass, And You Hated It Because Your An Impressionable Queer [12 Aug 2002|03:05am]
I don't think there is any possible way to summerize my thoughts on the subject any better. MGS2 kicked insane amounts of ass. Yet all I hear is "MGS was better". This always fucking happens. One opinion will hold sway, and every mother fucker will go "oh yeah, I thought that too". The opinion in this case is that MGS rocked much more than MGS2, which is a total fucking lie. So what I'm getting at here is basically, your opinion on the subject is moot, because your a fucker with the cum of whoevers opinion on that subject you read and said "me too" to.

Let me state the ways in which MGS2 kicked ass.

1. The coolest fucking opening cinematic since mother fucking FF8. Snake walking along the bridge, then mother fucking jumping off, switching to cloak, que the vocals. That opening still rocks my socks every time I see it.

2. I got the storyline, and you didn't because your a fucking moron who couldn't find his ass with both hands.

3. You got to use the mother fucking sword. So suck it.

4. The FPS view switched flawlessly and worked supurbly. So you can go to hell.

5. Raiden's only bad because you bitched about him so much to your friends. Maybe if you had kept your mouth shut instead of going "oh yeah, he bitches too much" you would have realized that Raiden is excacly in character. What the fuck do you think a green soldier would be like, a totally grizzled fucking veteran? Your such a queer that If my ass was ever in the same room as you, it woudl get ripped to shreds the moment I let my guard down.

6. The ninja wasn't Gray Fox, but they gave you a fucking cyborg ninja, so shut the fuck up.

7. Holding up soldiers, the way they react, the tricks they pull, the noise you can make, the things you can do. Fuck you up the ass if you think the AI from MGS was better than the AI in MGS2

8. The Villians were all badass. Period.

9. *FINAL BATTLE SPOILER* Final battle is a rooftop katana duel with solidus. If that's not badass, then I've never drank a drop of alcohol in my entire life.

10. Ripping up shitloads of RAYs.

Let's compare to MGS.

1. You got to play as Snake the whole time.

2. Gray Fox is quite possibly the 3rd coolest person in the history of the universe.

3. End jeep escape sequense.

So as you see, MGS is cool, but MGS2 Rips it the fuck up.

Yeah, MGS2 kicked fucking ass, so you can shut the fuck up with your shitty opinions that you only have because you said "me too" to your buddy or whatever. If I ever see you, I'm plunging my hand in your gut, and using your small intestine to strangle you to death. Fucker.
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By The Way [12 Aug 2002|02:31am]
I've said the word Fuck 84 times in the last four posts, so I do belive you can suck it.
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HacTao Kicks Ass, So Go There [12 Aug 2002|02:25am]
Mother Fuckers. Go to my mother fucking gaming guild/community. It fucking kicks ass, and I'm a mod there, so you know the kickass comes 100% for sure! Just go to www.hactao.com before I have to shove a broken beer bottle up your ass. If you don't like the site, then I can legally kill you in 48 states.

Or rather, I should be able to. Fucking government what with their "you can't kill people" attitude.

Anyway, go to www.hactao.com or die. You have your choice.
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Still Pissed Off, And Fat People Suck [12 Aug 2002|02:18am]
Yeah, Fuck You. Do I even need to start with a your a damned cock sucker fuck you this time? I've said it the last ninety fucking posts. So fuck off, and go eat your boyfriends shit or something. Assholes.

Guess who sucks now, it's fat people. Not all fat people, but the bitchy, fuckhead assholes who are bitter that they're fat and won't do anything about it. Hey asshole, don't spam my forum, go lose some weight! If your fat, and don't like it, then work out. You fucking suck fatass. By they way, don't wear skimply clothes if your a fat bitch. It's not attractive,and it's not helping your case. Your fat, you lose, buy a shirt you dumb bitch. Better yet, don't even leave your house until you slim up. Dumb bitches. And what about this fucking subway fucker. You used to be fat and lost weight? Good for losing the weight, but dont' fucking tell anybody. Guess what, nobody cares. Your normal now, so don't parade around the fact that you used to be fat. How about, fuck you, hmm? Jesus I hope fire ants eat that guys dick right off his mother fucking crotch. That'll teach him for starting a chain of commercials that eat up my mother fucking Simpsons time. Fuck you subway guy. Fuck you.

If your fat and still reading this, instead of working out, then go to fucking hell. I hope you die and go to the fucking fatass part of hell. There you can have your fat sweated out of you, because even hell doesn't like fat people. So fuck you. However, if your fat and you don't give a shit and you don't bitch about it, then kick ass. Come over my place and we'll have a mother fucking six pack. Non-bitchy fat people kick some of the most ass out there, what with their mother fucking kickassness. They have to use their mother fucking wit and charm, not their good fucking looks. Non-bitchy fat people kick ass, period.

So what about all these fat people, what do we do with them? Here's what we do. We pass a law that whenever your fat, and you bitch about it and don't do anything, your shot once in the face. Don't worry, they won't die the first few times. They blubber will stop the bullet. Of course, you get shot one extra time each time you bitch. First time your shot once. Second time we shoot you two times. So on. Eventually you won't be able to stop the barrage of mother fucking bullets in your face, and we kill you. Then we can use your fat for something constructive, like powering heavy machinery to burn down forests. What do forests think they are anyway? What with their "i'm a fucking forest and I'll get your ass lost" attitude. Forest's arn't beuitiful, they're shit. I say burn them down, and do it on the fourth of july. Screw fire works, every fucking forest in america burning is more then enough of a show. Be sure to not breath in the fat fuck fumes from the machines though.

The cool fat people would get to shoot the bitchy ones. Also, for every bitchy fat guy killed, we give the cool one who did the deed a keg. That's some mother fucking payment if you ask me, which you didn't, which is you you can to mother fucking hell, fucking cunt.

If your still reading this, I hate you, asslicking butt pirate.
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I Fucking Hate Kids [12 Aug 2002|02:01am]
I'm still pissed off for no reason, so now I'm bitching about kids. I'm just going to get a Fuck you in the ass with a big rubber dick you homoqueer faggots to all my readers out there in LiveNobodyGivesAShitYouTookANapJournal Land so that it's out of the way right now. By the way, fuck off.

I hate kids. They're snot nossed, bitchy, ignorant, fuckers who spill my beer and eat my animal crackers. Those fuckers. And you can't even swear at kids, because they're so fucking young and you can't fucking corrupt them. Who gives a fuck? They're just going to grow up to be shithead football playing jocks or slutty teenage girls anyways. They should just be fucking killed, those useless fuckers. Hell, I do more work then a Kid does, and I'm fucking lazier than a hat full of 3000 pound gay guys with cum on their chin and a fucking forty five ingridiant pizza on their fatass shirt. Which also brings up the issue that I hate fat people, but that's probably the next rant. Fucking useless kids. You can't even put them to child labor, since they'd just fuck that up too. No you six year old cunt, don't do the shoe that way. I just fucking blew your sister away, how many of you little shits do I have to kill before you get the Michal Jordan shoe right? Assholes.

I'm also fucking sick and tired of how I have to watch myself around kids. I can't put offensive stuff on this website, because little jonny six year old might see it. Well fuck you Jonny. I hope you read (yeah right, kids suck and can't read) my Live journal and piss your pants and are tramatized. I hope you don't get a wife cause this journal fucked you up as a kid. Dumbass. Whoever reads what I say and actually cares or is affected by it is a dumb shit who should be shot. Nobody cares what I say, because it's all bullshit. People should give less than a shit about what I have to say. If you do give a shit, I hope someone fucking puts a bullet in your head. Yeah, and your fuck faced kid too.

I can think of one thing that Kids are good for, and that's eating. They're so young and tender. Children in a 400 degree oven at 5 minutes a pound taste better than rack of mother fucking lamb. Do I even need to say baby back ribs? I'm sure you thought of that as soon as I started in with this. Just remember, if your ever in an airplane wreck on top of a huge fucking mountian, eat the children and the old people first. They Taste best (old people are good, aged meat) and they can't fight back! It's a god damned win mother fucking win situation!

Yeah, and Fuck your mom too.
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I'm Pissed Off, So Fuck You [12 Aug 2002|01:48am]
I'm in a real fucking pissed off mood right now. So fuck you. Why am I pissed off? Who fucking cares. I don't even fucking know. But for purposes of orginization, I'm venting my rage on the late MMORPG Ragnarok Online. Don't like my misguided hatred? Well fuck you. Yeah, I'm talking to you Fei and Roan. Go suck a cock.

In any case, let's get down to the fucking rant. Ragnarok Online was an unessisarily addicting crappy ass game. Yeah, you heard me. This game sucked. There were almost no features and the severs crashed every fucking ten minutes. Unfortunatly they must have been slipping crack in the bitmaps, because you get addicted to that like christians get addictied to fucking over everything that has a remotly diffrent opinion then theirs.

So I fucking played, and I fucking loved it. I wasted hours of my life leveling up when there was no fucking purpose, and I loved it. I got kicked off of the server and was pissed that I couldn't play my shitty game. Don't like it, well your a homofag anyway, so fuck you. Then the almighty Gravity, the company responcible for the pile of shit that is RO, fucks me in the ass with their bullshit. What the fuck do you mean you can't support the International server? Do you realize that I have a good week and a half of play time in this game? Your fucking assholes. Now I have all this fucking free time with my life. What the fuck am I going to do with free time? Hang out with friends? All they do is piss me off and drink my beer. No, now I'm without a shitty game to waste my life on, and it's gravity's fault. Fuck you Gravity.

So here's what I'm gonna do. I'm going to go to where ever the fuck Gravity works. And I'm going to personally shove my foot up their ass so far that I knock their fucking teeth out. Then I'm going to shove the fucking Korean servers down their throat, rip their head off, and shit down their neck. After that, i'm fucking using a chainsaw to cut their shitty ass bodys to shreads, then I'm pissing on the shreads. Then i'm taking the piss shreads, and I'm jumping on them. And I'm going to keep jumping on them until I get blisters. Then I'm nuking Korea, just out of spite. That'll teach them for taking away a shitty game from my life and forcing free time in my lap. Who did those fucking assholes think they were anyway?

And oh yeah, if you want me to finish Hac Tao Survivor Four (Which will kick total ass, since I'm hosting and I kick total ass) then fuck you. I'm not doing shit till I fucking feel like it. And that's anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks from now. Fuck you all, especially Kas.

P.S. Fuck you gravity.
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Lazy As Shit [06 Aug 2002|11:34pm]
Yep, that's me. I've almost finished HTS4, if by almost finished you mean 'have done nothing all week' Hah! Those HT suckers.

Oh, by the way, www.penny-arcade.com has a comic that perfectly emulates the Kasedo Flame style of argueeing, as in total childish aruging which actually kicks much ass because it's so damn funny. I recommend childesh arguing and stupid insults for all.

By the way, I know I havn't ranted in a while. Sorry about that. I've been gone for a while, and that spark of hate that creates such beutiful rants is still on the waiting list. You'll get something soon, whenever I get around to it.

Yeah right, just like i'm going to "get around" to HTS4, Suckers!
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Slacking [06 Aug 2002|08:15pm]
Yeah, I've been slacking like the hobo I am here. But Nif yelled at me saying "yeah, post your shit here on HT to increase traffic." So I did. I'll come up with a rant soon. Just let me sit in this nice, comfy, swirly, chari a bit... long... Zzzzzzz...
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The Son's Folly [02 Aug 2002|10:13pm]
Once upon a time there was a man. This man lived a normal life, full of ups and downs, with his fair share of mistakes. One day, he met woman, and he was glad. Man and woman met many times, and fell in love. So like most love storys, they got married and had a kid, a son. For five years after the son was born times were happy. They man worked, and the woman raised the son. All three were happy.

However, there came a time when man met another woman, called step. Man was filled with lust at step, flirting with her at work and at other places, and ended up cheating on woman with her. Woman, however, found out, and woman and man were divorced. Son, however, was left without a father, left to be raised by woman alone.

And so, as time went on, woman worked her way up through society and made her way to a well paying job which could more than afford to pay for her and son. Son, meanwhile, grew and grew. However, more stunning than son's physical changes was the amount his mind grew. Son was brilliant, thirsting for knowlege, and sucking up all that was given to him. He became wise beyond his years, surpassing expectations on all fronts.

However, one day, the children at school became obsessed with things like trends, sex, and popularity. Son would not conform to their ways, obsessed as he was with this thirst for all things to be learned. And so, the children at school became cruel to him. They mocked him daily, and physically hurt him. Regardless however, son ignored them as best he could and soaked up all knowlege given to him.

All good things come to an end however, and the abuse eventually broke son down. He became bitter and hateful. He started not caring about anything anymore, and his thirst for knowlege was forever quenched in a sea of hate. His grades began to drop, and in no time at all, they reached rock bottom. He was sad, and nothing seemed to be able to help him find his old thirst.

One day however, son met a strange boy his age. This boy was diffrent from the others, not because he didn't care about the things all the other people his age did, but because he was not cruel to son. Son and the boy became fast friends, and the pair had great times together. The boy taught the son how to blend in with the others, shrouding his thrist for knowlege with baggy pants and cool tee shirts. The son lost much bitterness, and turned his eye once more the knowlege.

However, one thing stood in his way. He had forgotten what his thrist for knowlege was like. And so, try as he might, son could not reach that point where he learned all he could and gained ever in knowelege. Until one day.

This particular day, man came to son. Son, being now 17, had not seen man since he was 5, the time he cheated on his beloved mother, woman. Man had cleaned up his old dirty habits such as drinking and build a new life with step. Son was bitter for mans cheating, and bitter towards step, whom he thought lacked any intellegence what so ever. However, man promised son that he could help him find the thirst again, and he only need live with him.

So son, feeling that man could help him and, in the long run, benifit his life, left woman and for a time, lived with man and step. During this time, son indeed had found the thirst again. However, living with man and step proved to hold many pitfalls. Step would often make rash judgements, making little sense and proving to upset many. Man seemed always to be at work, and never caring the least bit for the son he had left those many years ago. Son had found the thirst, yet slowly became bitter and hateful towards an entirly new group, his own father, man.

So it came, that when son left to live at womans in the summer, the seeds of hate and bitterness towards man grew and grew until such a time when son hated man with a passion. Son felt that man wanted him over his house mearly because he was hooked up on power, wanting to direct son like a master directs a dog. Son felt that step was a terrible person, one incapable of ruling a household. He made plans with woman to bring him back to womans benevolent house, for woman was a wise and caring ruler.

So it came one day where son and woman met with man and step. There many fell words were spoken. Son insulted his father for leaving him and his mother alone. He told man that he was a power hungry tyrant, loving the ruling of son, and using "grades" as an excuse to keep him. Woman backed son, saying that man held no great love for his child, and that he cared little for son. Woman also argued with step, saying harsh words about son's hated of her. The argument carried on for too long however, and words were spoken that struck far too deep, and would not be easily forgotten.

And so, when the conforntation finally died down, woman and son left and returned home to womans house. Woman retired to her bedroom to rest, while son was left to think.

It was then, that son realized that his words had been too fell, striking too deep in the heart. He had accused his father of wanting him over for corrupt reasons, which was the worst insult of all.

For it was then that son realized his folly. His father did what he did not out of spite of to destroy son's feelings like those children so far ago, but out of love and love alone. He mearly wanted son to fully grow and grasp the knowlege once again so he would prosper. Man had done what he had done, for he loved his son.

It was then, when son realized his great folly, that he put his face in his hands, and wept. For the words spoken had struck far, far too deep. The potential love that could have been held between father and son had been severed, for son had been too sure, too arrogant to have considered what a fathers job was.

And in his folly, one of the greatest loves that man could have, was lost forever.

The folly of a brilliant son who was wise beyond his years.

And yet, in the end, he was the biggest fool of all.

~Darlan Flame
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Oh Yeah [14 Jul 2002|03:52am]
Have I told anyone I'll be gone the next three weeks? Cause I'm going to be.
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Oh for fuck sake [12 Jul 2002|06:29am]
It's a normal enough morning. I havn't slept yet, my mom and her boyfriend are getting ready for work. When all of a sudden, I hear the distress signal.

Mom: What the fuck!?

I jump at the signal and run out. Then in a flash, I was there. And before my mother even said another word, I knew my task before me.

The bathroom floor was an inch deep in water.

My mom and her boyfriend are going to work.

Work + staying up late = Soaping up an inch worth of toilet water.

So it only takes me an hour, and I'm only not getting paid for it. But at least I had a horrible time.

Defining moment: A toss up between stompint on a bunch of towels in the shower to ring out the water like I'm a french wine maker and going down to the garage to investigate a so called "raining" to have my mom's boyfriend point out a trouble spot. I of course poked it with the plunger handle, and was treated to about 18 billion gallons of water being poured on me.

Joy! Rapture! I'm staying up late tommorow for this as well!

In conclusion, I've gone insane(er).
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WC3 Action [12 Jul 2002|12:11am]

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You must see this flash [11 Jul 2002|04:00am]
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Roan, I love You [09 Jul 2002|11:30pm]
Roan Raveron: wassa Flama?
DarlanFlame: WC3
Roan Raveron: pusy
Roan Raveron: hehe
DarlanFlame: I know why you are here
DarlanFlame: here to seek vengence
Roan Raveron: cuz my parents fucked
Roan Raveron: lol
Roan Raveron: yea i know it be u
DarlanFlame: If thou seekest vengence, you will be strucken down with more force then thou can possibly imagine
Roan Raveron: ............fucking loser pussy ball
DarlanFlame: no need to make fun of yourself at such a level
Roan Raveron: damn u rug mucnher
DarlanFlame: I'm sure if you pay enough smart people, you will one day be smart enough to be an admin and boss me around
Roan Raveron: huh?
Roan Raveron: u lost me
DarlanFlame: and thus, you keep right along with your personality
Roan Raveron: eat me pussy fart
Roan Raveron: 8-)
DarlanFlame: Oh no! Not random obsenitys thrown into one! Please stop with these insults! My intelect is obviously nowhere near yours
Roan Raveron: acctualy i'll have my revenge
Roan Raveron: you liat
Roan Raveron: you liar
Roan Raveron: i'll have vengeance
Roan Raveron: I am Vengeance, I am THE NIGHT, I AM.......uh.........ROAN RAVERON!
DarlanFlame: it took you four attempts to say you are going to get me, I doubt that you will be able to figure out how to turn on your computer when the time comes
Roan Raveron: :-[
DarlanFlame: And now you learn why I'm the boss, and your not
Roan Raveron: but i have the bigger dick in the end, whitey
DarlanFlame: Know who john holmes is?
Roan Raveron: no but i bet its ure wily
DarlanFlame: I suggest you do a search on google
Roan Raveron: er.....ok
Roan Raveron: if goatse pops up,,,,,,thats ure ass
Roan Raveron: just tell me y u did it, and i'll leave ya alone
DarlanFlame: John holmes is a white guy with a huge dick
Roan Raveron: found him
Roan Raveron: i havent read tha
DarlanFlame: You are foolish
DarlanFlame: Wern't you that white guy in that pic with GK?
Roan Raveron: no
Roan Raveron: i'm far from white
DarlanFlame: I have a feeling you are also far from black
Roan Raveron: and ud be right
Roan Raveron: but i do have an abv average dick
DarlanFlame: Let me tell you something big guy. Erect is as big as it comes, and it's not mesured in absolute value. Therefore, your twenty some inch deep vagina is not "above average"
Roan Raveron: henh?
Roan Raveron: comes- u mean cums
Roan Raveron: ?
DarlanFlame: and now we get back to square one. IE: You need to hire some smart people and hope that the theory of intellectual osmosis is true
Roan Raveron: heeh
Roan Raveron: u know ure not as angry as u want ppl to believe
DarlanFlame: Oh?
Roan Raveron: yes
DarlanFlame: u sem 2 be vry good at noing stuf. i trst ur judgmnt
Roan Raveron: yep
DarlanFlame: let me sum up the conversation for you so far
Roan Raveron: u're cool and i'm a dumb shit
DarlanFlame: well damn
DarlanFlame: you got it right
DarlanFlame: first time so far
Roan Raveron: :-P
Roan Raveron: twie really
Roan Raveron: u arent as angry as u want people to think you are
DarlanFlame: How do you come about with that thought?
Roan Raveron: cuz u act like it
Roan Raveron: u get pissed to easily
Roan Raveron: a sign of covering up
DarlanFlame: So because I am what I say I am, I'm obviously not?
Roan Raveron: i dinna say that
DarlanFlame: well damn, you got me there
Roan Raveron: u are angry
Roan Raveron: just not as bad as u thing
Roan Raveron: think
DarlanFlame: Final Fantasy obviously is pacman in disguise!
Roan Raveron: ok
Roan Raveron: my point proved
DarlanFlame: and Metal Gear Solid 2 simply must be Warcraft 4
DarlanFlame: God knows that since they are what they say they are, they obviously arn't
DarlanFlame: Oh wait
DarlanFlame: that's really the dumbest thing I have heard all day
DarlanFlame: Well shit, looks like you lose again
Roan Raveron: thank ya
DarlanFlame: Always a pleasure to reveal yourself for the dumb shit that you are
Roan Raveron: eat my shit
DarlanFlame: Hey, you spelled all those words right. I'm impressed.
Roan Raveron: u have a low ego too
DarlanFlame: Do I now?
Roan Raveron: yep
Roan Raveron: that or your a loser who bitches abt everything
DarlanFlame: Shit, you found me out. I sit at home all day and sit around on my computer, eating danishes and masturbating when the old douche lady comes on TV. Everytime I ripped into you this convorsation, I had to stop to masturbate in self satisfaction.
DarlanFlame: Or maybe your just bitter because quite frankly, I'm winning the convorsation
Roan Raveron: yep.......ure aloser with a low self easteem
Roan Raveron: its official
DarlanFlame: Are you slow, or just a retard?
Roan Raveron: neither
DarlanFlame: I'm afraid I'll have to disagree; because quite frankly all your arguments have been poorly thoughtout and horribly executed
DarlanFlame: I give your performance today a two
DarlanFlame: and thats just because GK kicks ass
Roan Raveron: whatever

And thus the legendary Darlan won the convorsation with Roan. Ph33r the Darlan.

For his performance in the whole thing, Roan was awarded with a fondue set and a small toaster. Ph33r the Darlan, but love him as well.
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